Natural Organic Dog Toothpaste

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Keep your dog's teeth white and breath smelling "puppy kiss" fresh with routine brushing.

Our Natural Organic Dog Toothpaste is handcrafted in small batches for ultimate quality and consistency.

Toothpaste comes in a 3 oz. glass jar with resealable lid.

Note: If this is the first brushing your dog's teeth, please be patient with them. This is new to them too and it takes time to get used to. Make it a positive first 

Directions for Use

If you have never tried brushing your dog's teeth, you want to make the first time a positive experience otherwise you will struggle to keep up the routine if you have to chase your dog around the house.

1.) Try to get your dog to lay on their side.

2.) Gently lift the side of their mouth and start brushing the sides of the teeth.

3.) Once they are use to that, gently open their mouth and brush the top, bottom and inside of the teeth.

They will try to lick the toothbrush while you try to brush- that is OK

ODip the toothbrush (included) into the jar to cover the bristles in toothpaste. Try to get your dog to lay on their side and gently open their mouth and start brushing. Dogs love the taste, so they will lick while you try to brush. That is okay! If you see a lot of tarter build up, you may want to brush their teeth daily and consider a professional dental cleaning at the vet if it is too bad.

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Additional Information

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Turmeric, Kelp Powder, Organic Dried Parsley
3 oz. glass jar with resealable lid
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